For your convenience the homestead offers:

Celebrations, seminars and relaxation center Kirkšnovė is a great place to celebrate the birthdays of all ages, according to various needs: separate buildings with different size and style banquet halls accommodating 15, 30 or even 150 people, 20 single, double or triple rooms with amenities, as well as 30 additional places for staying at the Old sauna will allow you to choose the most suitable option for each guest.

Cozy interiors and well-kept outdoor terraces, featuring extraordinary nature views, will all the guests to enjoy calmness and relaxation – not only delicious food and pleasant communication.

The time spent here and the celebration created is exceptional and fun. For our guests we offer all kinds of entertainment – children’s games and sports grounds, table tennis, water entertainment (boats, water bicycles, canoes, cascades), sauna, tub, fishing, barbeque, outdoor fireplaces and many more.