Kirkšnovė CampsiteKirkšnovė Campsite

For your convenience the homestead offers:

Kirkšnovė campsite – a remote location on the bank of the Dubysa river. It has outdoor gazebos, fireplaces, outdoor barbecues, a beach, WC and changing cabins. For those guests willing to spend their rest in open-air accommodation can advantage of Kirkšnovė sauna services or rent sports equipment (water bicycles, canoes, bicycles and balls).

Here companies can courageously organize massive events – there is enough space for everyone!

For camp organizers, no matter what kind of camps you are planning for – educational, recreational or sports, for children, adults or families – we can offer everything you need: training halls, accommodation with all conveniences up to 66 people, in tents even up to 2000, delicious food according to an agreed menu and lots of entertainment!

Camper places
Places for tents
for up to 2000 people