Old SaunaOld Sauna

For your convenience the homestead offers:

On the slopes of the Kirkšnovė stream there is a traditional old sauna with a spacious outdoor area and a very spacious gazebo. It is said that this sauna is one of the oldest in Lithuania! It is an ideal choice for those seeking privacy and wanting to enjoy the pleasures of sauna, especially since the tub is standing nearby and impressive cascades of water are falling nearby.

A basketball court next to the building will entertain those who like to play sports and as well will be useful in the preparation of various games or will even transform into an outdoor dance floor.

This place is the most suitable to celebrate personal parties, gatherings of friends, but will also be perfect for those who want a peaceful rest.

Small sauna hall
for up to 20 people
Big sauna hall
for up to 30 people
for up to 10 people
Sleeping places